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Slapping Suspenders

Slice up your wife Pocket pussy
Piece Of Dead Meat
Send The Hippo To The Gallows
Rubber Girls
Magnum 44
Clean It Up
   Love Is For Fools
1000 Ways To Suicide
Who's Dead
Oh Darling
Midnight Hour
Barfln' All Night Long

Piece Of Dead Meat
Well I work as a gravedigger 9 to 5
Saw a pretty woman almost alive
Naked in her coffin spreading her legs
Her tits were beautiful they looked like eggs

She's a wild wild woman
She' a wild wild girl
She' the prettiest corpse in the whole wide world

I climbed down to her coffin laid down on her bed
Started to lick her body so cold and dead
She looked like an angel her skin so white
Came down to the pussy my pants got tight

Her pussy was so dry my dick didn't fit
So on her lovely beaver I started to split
I began to fuck her started to feel the heat
Coz there's nothing better than a piece of dead meat

Send The Hippo To The Gallows
In the deep dark jungle down in south
Lives a hippo with a humungus mouth
Big daddy Rhino is his best friend
But Big Dadddy they to Alcatraz send

Send the hippo to the gallows
Send the hippo to the gallows

The gorrila cops were those who busted him
staeling bananas at the monkey drive-in
Now uncle hippo feels very cruel
Coz Big Daddy Rhino is a stupid fool

He swam to Alcatraz with his M-16
Faster swimmer you have never seen
He bashed the gate and shot everybody dead
Even Big Daddy Rhino right thru his head

Rubber Girls
I`m getting a tan one hot summer day,
Beutiful girls nothing else to say
Lots of tits that`s what i see,
But rubber girls is the only thing for me
I like to fuck girls when they are naked,
But with rubber girls, is nothing sacred
See you floating in the pool,
You`re so sexy but i`m still cool
I feel so horny, horny on you,
Your skin is rubber what shall i do?
Jump down in the water together at last,
I`m so horny got to fuck fast
Fuck you hard with my my real hard pick prick,
Coz rubber girls give me a kick

Magnum 44
You're the one everybody calls honey
Just because they pay for your body
You're so sexy in your red short skirt
Cant you see that in my heart I hurt

I love you but you're a whore
I have to kill you with my Magnum 44

You walk down the alley with your sexy legs
Everybody lies down on the ground and begs
You wobble with your ass you look so neat
Everybody gets wild but why don't you be my sweet

I take you home we walk thru the rain
You want to have whips you want to feel pain
Well a me bit sady can we be
But when you're dead thafs what satisfies me

Well this is about a poor little hedgehog
He couldnt see anything in the London fog
He walks out, out on the dark street
He saw a car there was no retreat

He was scared stiff he got bloodred eyes
He prayed to the Hedgehog God and started to cry
He slarts to run, run for his lile
Coz he's got 12 kids but only one wife

The hedgehog is smashed on the street
You cant hear his heartbeat

He tries to reach the sidewalk
But he's so tired he can hardly walk
So unfortunately he's smashed by a car
He got crushed and he flew real far

And the poor hedgehog family
They all are crying for Billy
They hope that he wanks in heaven
And not in hell in his chevy '57

Clean it up
I'm fat and drunk one Saturday night
My eyelids so fat I can't see no light
I puke and shit on the floor
I say clean it up you fucking whore

I'm gonna dean it up hop hop
I'm gonna throw it up bap bap
And suck my dick

Give me a beer give me food
Or I'm gonna get in a real bad mood
My belly is shaking when I'm wanking my cock
I wank coz I'm to fat to fuck

I'm gonna dean it up bop bop
I'm gonna throw it up bap bap
I'm fat and drunk

Along about ten I'll be flying high
But I'm too fat to reach the sky
My dick's too fat to fit your lips
So I squeeze my dick between your tits

I'm gonna dean it up bop bop
I'm gonna throw it up bap bap
I'm so fat tonight

Hey little girl come to my bower
Take off your clothes and bend over
Coz this is our little hanky-panky
An oldfashioned and pervy spanky

I smash your nice tiny tits
And on your nipples I'm gonna hitch
Coz now you're my little hariet
So I spank your ass till ifs scarlet

Spanking spanking I'll give you a dash
On your cute linie ass

When we have lucked till you are breathless
And the only thing you can say is yes
And if you like this spanking thing
I'll teach your beaver how to sing

A nice time with chains and whips
I start to whip you on your hips
Soon I'm coming it feels so good
You whip my dick like no other could

Love is for fools
Come on over to my hideous place
Gonna fuck you baby gonna smash your face
You're gonna have a good time with me tonight
I'm gonna do it hard but I'm gonna do it right

Love Is for fools so lefs get sady
I'm gonna hurt you my pretty baby

Well bend over pretty baby but dont say a word
First I'm gonna fuck you then I'll show you the world
Then I'm gonna whip you with barbed wire
And I'm gonna put your pussy on fire

You say you love me you're a bit sady
And I always thought that you were a lady
But who the fuck cares gonna show you somemore
And when you're worn out I'll show you the door

1000 ways to suicide
If you want to die a painful death
Strangle yourself till you loose your breath
Stab ya in the heart with a knife
Or with a frying pan take your life

Hanging is a great way to die
The wire 'round your neck like a tie
Or with an axe chop off your head
Then it's sure that you'll fall down dead

There's 1000 ways to suicide
You and death side by side

In your mouth you put your gun
Pull the trigger that's fun
Or try with poison in your booze
But dont ever mess with a moose

If you have listened to my song
I say you cant do it wrong
Sit down a while and wonder how
Well dont think commit suicide now

Who's dead
Ifs a cold dark night you stand at my grave
You're here all alone you have to be brave
You stand here coz you're sorry didn't want to be my wife
But watch out girl sometimes dead come alive

Who's dead I'm dead and buried
Who's dead you're dead and buried

Tears falling down on my hallowed ground
'Round my tombstone you start to dance around
You don't want me to be dead
No you want me lying in your bed

You read a book from the past
You found out the unholy secret at last
Suicide is the only thing to do
When I feel your blood I 'm gonna meet you

Oh darling
Oh darting you're so fine
One of these days you're gonna be mine
You're like an angel with your curiy long hair
Lots of fine moments we're gonna share

Oh darting oooh yeah
Oh darting oooh yeah

Suddenly you left me alone
I was crying I waited at the phone
You left me for a guy called Bob
You hit me and called me a schlob

I had a dream a life with you
But you dont love me what shall I do
I understand like this it shall be
Coz how could you fall in love with me

I saw you walking in the park
I was wanking I started to bark
I hit you I crushed your head
I raped you and now you're dead

I saw her downtown in a shop
I took my chance and I picked her up
I asked do you want to follow me home
And maybe make love in a ton of foam

We went away to my place
I asked her to sit on my face
But she played real hard to get
And then she did me a blowjob on the toilet

Sandy when I hear her name it rings a bell
Sandy she's betier as a stiff I can tell

Well this was the best time I ever had
But then she refused and I got mad
So I ripped off her clothes and gave her a pat
then I killed her with my baseballbat

When her neck was broken and her head was smashed
Cut off her nose and her fingers were hashed
I stuffed her up just like a doll
So I can fuck her when I'm losing control

Midnight hour
Why dont you listen to what I say
When I say you have to go away
Coz the time goes by I start to change
And after midnight I start to look so strange

At the midnight hour it's time to leave
I change to something you don't want to believe

Hair on my body long sharp nails
Something you've only seen in fairytales
Why dont you listen to your dad
That I'm a creep and I'm real real fucking bad

You've been a bad bitch you have to die
I got no feelings I got no need to cry
Your head falls off when I take a bite
Why didn't you stay home tonight

Barfln' all night long
Hello folks my car is red and shiny
And I got a girifriend with a pussy so tiny
Once we were sitting in my '57
She grabbed my dick and I felt like heaven

Barfin' all night long to the 50's beat
Barfin' all night long can you feel the heat

I put my hand in her blouse
The other hand on her wet mouse
We laid down in the backseat
We started to barf to the 50's beat

When we had fucked 4-5 hours
We took the car to the lovenest tower
She sucked my dick like it was a crime
And then we did It one more time

Slice up your wife
Once i married to a girl, i didn't know
I yus to stab her with a knife just for fun.
I loved to smash her head against the wall,
She's a blue-eyed blond and no fun at all.
Here's the words of wisdom, hear to what i say
Slice, slice up your wife
You better slice, slice up your wife
Yes you better sliiiice
Yes you better sliiiiice
Slice up your wife
Once i married to a lying bitch,
Didn't love me, noo took me for money.
I want her dead, i'll put her in a sack,
Throw her in the sea, and she's never coming back.
Slice up your wife...
Once i married to a xeyed hog,
So welly that i rather kiss a dog.
So i kick her up in the big blue sky,
Now bitch you better learn how to fly.
Slice up your wife...

Pocket pussy
I haven't had sex for a thousand years
Can't get a girl 'cause nobody cares i'm so ugly,
I look like a frog if i was bor again,
I'd rather be a dog walking downtown,
Late one night stop at a window,
I look into the light some porno magazines,
Everything looks so fine a rubber pussy.

That's got to be mine pocket pussy,
Never grows old it runs on batteries,
Good as gold pocket pussy,
Never grows old it runs on batteries,

Good as gold walking downtown,
Late one night stop at a window,
I look into the light porno magazines,
Everything looks so fine a rubber pussy
That's got to be mine i run home,
The wind blows through my head take off my clothes
And throw myself on the bed switch it on,
It feels like it should i feel i'm coming,
God, it feels so good pocket pussy,

Never grows old it runs on batteries,
Good as gold pocket pussy,
Never grows old it runs on batteries,
Good as gold...

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