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Stray Cats

CHOO CHOO HOT FISH (Pyramid Records R2 71832, 1994)

    Elvis On Velvet
    Cry Baby
    Please Don't Touch
    Sleepwalk Instrumental
    Lust In Love
    Beautiful Blues
    Cross Of Love
    Can't Go Back To Memphis
    Jade Idol Instrumental
    My Heart Is A Liar
    Mystery Train

Elvis On Velvet (T. Kimmel, M. Byrom, D. Newhauser. 1992)
All night long way black top highway Midnight hittin' a groove
Mustang radio rag top Jukebox hound dog Don't be cruel
Roadside rest stop all night truck stop Side show out of a van
Rhinestone lunchbox Ashtray junk shop Key chain hittin' the fan

Elvis on velvet - don't no why It makes me blue
Elvis on velvet - It's got a strange effect on you
Elvis on velvet - Somehow it makes me mad
Elvis on velvet - And I can see him tonight Up on the road ahead

Well drift back daydream Union street scene 1955
Street fair flat bed three piece strong Band shakin' man alive
Then Hearbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, Well love me tender, please
I'm all shook up, too much, So treat me nice and wear my ring

Well graceland wasteland right this Way ma'am one low price to pay
His life, his love, his home, his stuff His final resting place
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done Thy records re-released
All kneel to second guess and bless Him, let him rest in peace

Cry Baby (M. Lanning, R. Bell. 1991)
Pick you up on a saturday night
Hopin' that later I can hold you tight
Spendin' my money like It's out of style
Pull up in my truck It bring a smile from you baby

You don't like it I'll say goodnight
I don't need no crybaby goodbye

Took you out on another date
I begged you baby Please don't be late
Supposed to be ready 'bout an hour ago
Me downstairs just pacin' the floor
You're late I'll wait

The moon is risin', we could be driven
Girl we're just wastin' time
With all you cryin' you just denying
Any love that comes to you

Bless my soul what's wrong with you
!.ryin' all the time just like babies do
Playin' your games just not my bag
Why must you be such a drag
No fun I'm done

Please Don't Touch (H. Robinson. 1959)
Don't touch me baby 'cuz I'm shakin' so much
Don't touch me baby 'cuz I'm shakin' so much

Well there ain't no other woman that makes me feel this way
Well she come up close I just ain't got a word to say

Please don't touch 'cuz I shake so much
Don't touch me baby 'cuz I shake so much

You know I get so nervous when I see her eyes that shine
She looks right throuh me and a shiver runs down my spine

Please don't touch 'cuz I shake so much
Please don't touch 'cuz I shake so much

I don't know why she's got her claws in me
I wanna be a bachelor fancy free
Runnin' from the preacher man what a relief
Spend my life just shakin' like a lief

I remember the first time Her ruby lips crossed my cheek
You know I opened up my mouth And the rest of me just couldn't speak

Sleepwalk Instrumental (J. Farina, S. Farina. 1959)

Lust In Love (Setzer, Carter, Ellsworth. 1992)

The wind is blowin' beer cans Down a cold deserted street
I feel as empty as those beer cans Rollin' past my feet
I can hear Chicago blues From an out of tune guitar
And a 1939 neon sign buzzin' Above the bar

I'm at an intersection Lost my direction and I don't
Know which way to go She left me on the corner
Of lust in love

I got an old tattoo Dedicated to you
Covered up with thorns But the heart bleeds through
And your name does too Forever on my arm
Each night I go walkin' Through the darkness all alone
But I never get off That dirty old street
No matter how far I roam

Underneath the street light I strain my eyes to see
The silhouettes reflection Of a long black mercury
Shadows on the pavement From the corner of my eye
Fool me into thinkin' My baby's passing me

Beautiful Blues (Setzer, Paine. 1992)

Always a queen Always so fine
Always some joker Standin' in line
To get a view Now he's hittin' on you

Well let me hear you sing it Baby sing the beautiful blues

Since you were a babe You've been heaven sent
Just think of all the money These crazy men have spent on you
I guess I'm one of them too

Now there must be times When you get tired
Of being idolized It's got you searchin' for a man
Who ain't that kinda guy Where you gonna be
When you get old You're gonna need somebody
To have and to hold on to Who really cares about you

Cross Of Love (Setzer, Paine. 1988)

Where does it say All the love that we made
Must Disappear And who made the rule
That the one who is cruel Won't cry the tears
Well we woke up unsatisfied Got out of bed and said goodbye
But don't leave me here Dyin' on the croos of love

Don't leave me here Dyin' on the croos of love
I got down on my knees And prayed to the lord above
Don't leave me now baby realize You can't make our love a sacrifice
Don't leave me here Dyin' on the croos of love

Who pays the cost If the love that is lost
Goes unredeemed And why should I care
If this cross that I bear Is destiny
My heart was pure My love was strong
Forgive me if I done you wrong But don't leave me here
Dyin' on the croos of love

Where does it say All the love that we made
Must Disappear And who made the rule
That the one who is cruel Won't cry the tears
Well now I know How cruel thou art
Have mercy baby on my haert But don't leave me here
Dyin' on the croos of love

Can't Go Back To Memphis (R. Bachman. 1992)

Low down dealin' in Memphis Card game in a back room
I was lookin' at my last dollar hopin' lady luck would come by soon
They raised the betting limit the cards were flying fast
I bet away my future I'd already lost my past

Now I can't go back to Memphis
Can't go back to Memphis (I played out every game)
Can't go back to Memphis
Can't go back to Memphis (Everybody knows my name)
Too many people wanna even out the score
And I can't go back to Memphis no more

I hung out on the east side heard my reputation was in doubt
It was starting to look like a bad ride
It looked like time for gettin' out
I sent the man a message said I was gonna split
He sent a message back that said "I don't let nobody quit"

I tried my best to beat the system but the system put me back in my place
They maintained a delicate balance where no one got in nobody's face
I tried to make a dollar just surviving in the streets
I fought the gangs, I fought the law but they both had me beat

Jade Idol Instrumental (Setzer, Rocker, Phantom. 1992)

My Heart Is A Liar (Setzer, Rocker, Phantom. 1992)

Sittin' by myself Lookin' out a broken window
And out on the street Crowds of people passin' by
But how are they to know I'm feelin' so alone
I feel like I could Break down and cry
Now I know how Broken hearts must feel

But my heart is a liar for you My heart is aliar it's true
Flames keep on burnin' Burnin' so high
Never gonna die

Sittin' all alone Feelin' sorry for myself
I catch my reflection And I see the kinda'
Fool I've been But how was I to know
I had to let it go The only way to make it alright
Now you've lit the flame again

Sometimes I think I pass you by
But it's just love Blinding my eyes

Mystery Train (Jr. Parker, S. Phillips. 1955)

Train arrived sixteen coaches long
Train arrived sixteen coaches long
Well that long black train
Got my baby and gone

Train train rollin' around the bend
Train train rollin' around the bend
Well it took my baby
But it never will again

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