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Curse Of The Coffin
Part Two
Brought Back To Life
Back From The Grave
Driller Killer
Survive or die

Curse Of The Coffin
Born in 1989 destined to spread out fear
Twistet minds are torn apart but fear is shining
Through feel that burning deep inside
Our brains are set on fire sex drugs horrornights
And rock `n` roll are our desires
You might think you are safe at home
But fear is shining through
Nekroman on the run is reaching out for you
Soon you will wake up and realize our force
Is in your mind visit our dimensions now
And leave the rest behind

Part Two
Nails are pulled out one by one
They laught at you they having fun in hell...
Crippled creeps in slimy graves
Will drag you throught the burning waves in hell...
Sweat and fear drives you insane
You gonna learn to love the pain in hell...
What is right will turn out wrong
You will miss the time when pain is gone in hell...
They are slowly alowly chopping of your head
You will meet your everlasting death in hell...

Brought Back To Life
Monuments are standing tall
See them break watch them fall
Blinded by a promised word
Don't believe in what you've heard
Been asleep for a thousand years
Determination in his eyes
Swimming in the sea of tears
He's brought back to life
Symbols from a long gone time
Don't be a fool oh no
Don't stand up in line
Redeem yourself and see it through
There is no way out now
It's up to you
See him grow watch him rise
It's about time you wake up and realize
From beyond he emerge
He's brought back to life
You can call in your search

Back From The Grave
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Darkness surrounds me
In his subterranean dwell

Evil forces caused by lust
No one to cry no one to tell
Haunting my demented mine
Happiness I'll never find

Back from the grave I don't know when
I wish that I could see you again
Yeah see you yeah see you again
Conqeeror of torn our hearts

Cooped up in a world of shades
And self-destructive greed
See them gather watch them part
See you one last time is all I need

Driller Killer
Well well well gold gold sweat
I'm a nervous break
I'm at the dental clinic for a check
To his chair I'm strapped a drill

In the driller killer's chair
Pain is what you get
Just thinking of it
Makes me sweat

Covered up with blood
I'm runnin' for the door
Now I realize this dentist
Killed before

I got out of there alive ain't
Never going back
To that powerdrilling
Psycho maniac

My sweet baby, she past away
I cant forget the things, she used to say
Its the only thing, for me to do
I have to leave, but i'll sure miss you

My baby baby
She wrote to me
Mine you'll forever be
Nekrofelia nekrofelia

We used to play, this innocent game
At the graveyard, we often came
Naked in the night, all alone
Lying in the grass, beside the tombstone

My baby baby
She wrote to me
Mine you'll forever be
Nekrofelia nekrofelia

A wicked world, of any kind
Yet the only thing, on her mind
Was a deadwish, I couldn't understand
Why she took of, to never never land

My baby baby
She wrote to me
Mine you'll forever be
Nekrofelia nekrofelia

Leather sitting tight to your skin
This game we are playing is
A game none of us will ever win
Woman you're my playmate
You're my toy
I get rid my frustrations
In a way I enjoy

This is my way to escape reality

I am a sadist with a whip I get my kicks I like
The slap beat yeah tie up chicks
You're a masochist a victim of my sexual
Fantasy my sexslave begging for orgasm...

Rubber from head to toe
Is this a game or a disease
Well I don't know
Baby won't you come
Along with me
Into this world without
Problems to this paradise
Of ecstasy

This is my way to escape reality...

Survive or die
I met her in a bar
It was love at first sight
I went to bed
With her the very first night
Tell me the truth
Doctor please don't lie
Is it serious
Will I survive or will I die

Survive or die
Will I survive
Or will I die

She said to me
We don't need no protection
I believed in
Her blinded by her affection
There is nothing I can do
No matter how hard I try
All I can do is
Sit here and cry

Survive or die
Will I survive
Or will I die...

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