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Cyberpunk Aftermath
Pact With The Devil
Whiskey / Instrumental
Method In Our Madness
Short Memories
Scar On This Earth
Brainwankers From The Planet Sex
Tir Na Nog

Cyberpunk Aftermath (Doyle, Nolan, Edwards, Mcdonald)
The year is two thousand and seventeen
Ten years have passed since nuclear annihilation
The victorious battle for the cyberpunks
The new breed of klingon left only a handfull of
Humans to hide and wither amongst the rubble and
Skeletal debris, hunted at nightfall by infra-red
Synchronised detectors, the cyberpunks hunt humans
Now known as clones for childish sport
The clones get pleasure from being destroyed by
These new computer generated lifeforms
Cyberpunks more powerfull, more dangerous and
More destructive

Chamalien (Doyle, Nolan, Edwards, Mcdonald)
Inhuman lifeforms that come from strange dimensions
Who live off other planets and earthling disections
Who live down underground at the core of the earth
Hallucagenic dust constipates with one squirt
Flesh green white skin that comes from below
Spawned from convultions chamaliens grow
Scanning and probing for human possecion
To gorge on the living, their lifelong obsession

Malfunctioned circuits, they make us act weird
Throughout all the galaxys, chamaliens are feared
A web of destruction from the back of beyond
Saturn, pluto, jupiter have got no choice but respond

Martians and vulcans obey our commands
Androids and cyborgs they greet our demands
Stormtroopers, daleks and wookles and xtros
Power over beings from worlds everywhere

Haunted (Doyle, Nolan, Edwards, Mcdonald)
The supernatural come to mess up his head
They're taking reverenge on his sisters death
He killed her when he was ten years old
He said that she drowned but the truth was not told
Taunted and teased him when he was a boy
An evil ol' bitch who deserved to die
After she'd gone his life became good
But deep in his heart the hatred still stood

Pact With The Devil (Doyle, Nolan, Edwards, Mcdonald)
A looper, a nutter, a headcase insane
Against all normality you ain't on the plane
Nicholas told me, perform evil deeds
To desecrate churches and sow evil seeds

Satanic vino it runs through my veins
Slaying religion it cures all my pains
Shag your abortions, your baby's i'll kill
Wanking profusely untill your blood spill
Pact with the devil
Nuclate all mankind
Pact with the devil
Engraved on my mind

I'll sacrifice virgins to cure satans lust
A servant of evil and kill them i must
Love death i loathe life, i'll kill and i'm maim
Beg ne for mercdy, i thrive on your pain

Belonging to satan it gives me sick joy
From the words of his gospel my brain gets a high
Jesus the bastard, son of a bitch
Sound of his name sends my body to twitch

Whiskey / Instrumental (Doyle, Nolan, Edwards, Mcdonald)

Xenophobe (Doyle, Nolan, Edwards, Mcdonald)
A gas escaped the other day, it rose from down below
Affects your brain and body too your death becomes real slow
Lose your sight and senses go your flesh will smoke and burn
Balls will drop, your cock will peel, your blood will not flow
Planet earth, planet earth, planet earth, planet earth
Fuck the planet earth, bolloxx xenophobe

Cyberpunks have created and formed this gas to paralise and kill
Feeds on young and old alike your thoughts will melt and spill
Blend of poisons from around the globe, atoms from space and time
World's and moons and stars chemicals that breed on slime

Once it strikes a frenzied madness epileptic fits on tap
Vomitting your charred remains, your body turns to sap
Basket case your destination, a mass of seething puss
You haven't got the sanity to care or give a fuss

Method In Our Madness (Doyle, Nolan, Edwards, Mcdonald)
Humans are real weird, you really do strange things
Pick your nose and fart'n'scratch, you are uncanny things
Twitch and toss and grunt aloud, some clean and wash all day
Talk such crap without going red, your lifes for not play
Schitzophrenics, epileptics, what a mixed up race
Asylum wards and mental homes are where these nuts are placed
Method in our madness
Method in our madness
Method in our madness

Who are you to say they're mad, ask me, your all the same
In these wards you all should be with the stamp insane
Wino's, tramps, you don't except junkies hate and fear
Got a strange addiction that you like to call a career
Shifts and unions, rules and clockcards, fuck what makes you tick
A boss to tell you what to do, well bolloxx, he's prick

You laugh and joke at our expenses, you haven't got a clue
Their is no brain within your skull, it's us who rule not you
At least we try and enjoy life, we don't give a shit
Fuck the ozone, fuck the earth, it's one black slimy pit
Enjoy it now the end is near, no time to get depressed
Kaned and chinged the way to be at least your thoughts expressed

Short Memories (Doyle, Nolan, Edwards, McDonald)
You can yourself mates but your really just fools
Back stabbing ejits who don't play the rules
Take what you can get and you give nothing back
Scabby, lazy, greedy and definatley jack

Short memories, short memories always on the squeeze
Short memories, short memories never do nothing to please

Forget we're the one's who helped you through bad times
Stood up for you when you commited crimes
Fad you and gave yu a place to lay your head
If i see you now i'll leave you for dead

You don't seem to understand what it's like to have a mate
Someone to rely on, someone to place your faith
Whem your women, drugs and drink have all gone
Then you'll remember the words of this song

You'll be old and grey and left on the shelf
Wuth no oneto take to apart from yourself
Die along in a bedsit somewhere
Cause your short memory no one will care

Scar On This Earth (Doyle, Nolan, Edwards, McDonald)
Your nothing, your nobody, you'll never make your mark
You live your life day to day in debt, to a loan shark
Life has been mapped since the day you were born
Nine to five existence into it you have never been sworn


Beat the system, fuck the law is what scars this land
Rock'n'roll the devils music, reap forbidden sands
Forget your stress related job, your suit and bowler top
Leave yor problems, blast some sounds, get drunk and fuck the lot

Why don't you forget the norm, do something with your life
Stuck in a dead end job somewhere, forget that too much strife
Ain't you got ambition, got nothing to say
Why the hell let big brother have his wicked way

I can't believe you spot trains and collect stamps
A life of boredom and frustration, better to be tramps
Get some ink and shave your head and shag whatever moves
Doesn't matter in the end it's you who's gonna lose

Brainwankers From The Planet Sex (Doyle, Nolan, Edwards, McDonald)
We're brainwankers from the planet sex
Who'll blow away your braincells with alien effects
With undescribable language coming from our jaws
We'll rip the world apart with our killing brainsaws
Brainwankers from the planet sex
Brainwankers from the planet sex

We use a painfull torture, like a music mind probe
Wrench you out of normal abode
Out of this world, drugs and drink to give free
Brainstompin' wankers your leaders will be

With this musical mayhem, diseased on you brain
Nasty then nice then pain then insane
Try shaking free the addiction it sticks
You can't go a day without needing a fix

Tir Na Nog (Doyle, Nolan, Edwards, McDonald)
Rock'n'roll is food for life, it's nourishment for the soul
You'll stay aware without it, your brain would lose control
No matter what your age may be, in your mind you'll feel a child
Sound'n'image, youth and culture's how it is complled
Tir na nog

Rock'n'roll a world of booze of drugs of sex and sin
Religion hal no rules to break a world of doing your thing
Check it out, there's no going back, a life that's wild and free
No cares, no worries, lose your head, the only life for me

Rock'n'roll is what we need, our bodies crave for noise
Polotics we cannot stand, it's all a pack of lies
We're bred on mind expanding thoughts, our will is made of steel
For normal men it is a life, to them it don't appeal

Kaned (Doyle, Nolan, Edwards, McDonald)
Lying in the gutter, Kaned out of my head
Alcohol and gear is what my bodies being fed
Craw is spinning and my guts are screaming in pain
Down and alcy, is my claim to fame
Look at the state i'm in, Kaned

Eyes are bloodshot, can't see what's in front of my face
The morning after i can't remember a trace
A life that's one continious daze
It might as well be trying to get out of a daze

My body begs me to stop, but i don't hear the cries
Can't be a lightweight, got to stick with the boys
The only time i'm happy is when i'm Kaned
When i'm sober, the worlds too insane

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