Hi there, we're happy you're there. You're looking at the welcome page of the russian -billies site. Oh, sorry, site FOR russian -billies. This site contains lots of rockabilly, psychobilly, surf, swing stuff: articles, pics, real audio music files (full songs), some exclusive interviews, several movie stories, gigs (dates/clubs) in St.Petersburg and Moscow (who knows maybe you'll find yourself here this weekend) etc. Sorry but we didn't make a full english version because we hope that if we can found all that information on english you can find it too. If you're having any difficulties with that contact us we'll send you the link to what you're interested in. But don't leave us already, we still have something for you even if you don't read russian. Just surf through the site and look for the real audio files on the bands pages, also we have some information about the bands, interviews on english. We made this site with several parts, so here they are, look & enjoy.


9th Psychobilly Meeting - Calella 2001
Meteors last gig - Final conflict. 4th Satanic Stomp, 18.11.2000, Gutersloh, Germany.
64 th rock'n'roll jamboree (23-24.06.2000).
Easter Psychobilly Weekender 2000 (21-23.04.2000).
Jamboree' 59
58th Jamboree Festival

Attention all the interested bands!!! Our web-site is not only a virtual project. Also we're some kind of a concert department with some great possibilities for the touring bands and promotion. If any of you would like to get in touch with us on that matter - we'll be happy to contact you back and discuss any questions and suggestions.

Vinyl Crew (vinyl@rus.net)


Play Gorilla Rock
Play Girls Girls Girls
Play Ravin Women
Play Jungle Night
Play S.P.O.C.K.
Play Can't Stop That Rock
Play The Night The Hammer Came Alive
Play Bat Attack

Play (You've Got To) Get in Line 
Play Adventures Through Inner Space
Play Beyond the Sound of Time
Play Keep in Touch
Play Land of the One Percenters
Play Mile Zero
Play Night of the Bomboras

Play Haulass Hyena 
Play Like A Bad Girl Should 
Play Sheena's In A Goth Gang 
Play Monkey With Your Tail 
Play Super Goo 
Play Cramp Stomp 

Dick Dale
Play Let's Go Trippin'
Play Miserlou
Play Surf Beat
Play King of the Surf Guitar
Play Hava Nagila
Play Night Rider
Play Mag Wheels
Play One Double One Oh!
Play Nitro
Play Terra Dicktyl
Play Liner (Surf Beat '97)
Play Third Stone from the Sun
Play Bandito
Play NiteRider
Play Firing Up
Play King of the Surf Guitar
Play Jessie Pearl

The Lively Ones
Play Pipeline
Play Surf Rider
Play Scratch
Play Miserlou
Play Surf Beat
Play High Tide
Play Baja
Play Torquay
Play Soul Surfer
Play Rik-A-Tik

Los Straitjackets
Play Cavalcade
Play The Casbah
Play Wrong Planet
Play Lonely Apache
Play Outta Gear
Play Pacifica
Play Espionage
Play Swampfire
Play Lawnmower
Play Lurking In The Shadows
Play Lurking In The Shadows
Play Brains & Eggs
Play Venturing Out
Play Tsunami!
Play Nightmare In Monte Cristo

Long Tall Texans
Play One More Time
Play Non Stop Lovin'
Play Nine Hundred Miles
Play Saints & Sinners
Play Right First Time
Play Poison
Play Get Up & Go
Play Off My Mind
Play Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Play Indians
Play Texas Beat
Play Gotta Go
Play Get Back Wet Back
Play Somethin'S Cookin'
Play Get You Teeth Out Of My Juguar 
Play Don'T I Know It
Play Cairo
Play Shiverstreet
Play I Get So Excited
Play Heatwave
Play Breakaway
Play Alabama Song
Play Smilin' Eyes
Play Notice Me
Play Bloody

Play It'S You
Play Out Of Control
Play I'm Needing You
Play Don'T Love Another 


The Paladins
Play Keep On Lovin' Me Baby
Play Let's Buzz
Play Mercy
Play Kiddio

The Penguin
Play It's hard to be a penguin
Play Boozin'
Play Stuck with my dipper in the zipper 
Play Cactus cowboy
Play Too cold for love
Play Search party
Play You're the kind of woman
Play Too late to run
Play Why me?
Play Skinflick
Play Horny beat
Play Ice rock
Play Burning the wind

The Quakes
Play Stranded In The Streets 
Play Anonymous
Play Lover`s Curse
Play Mexicali Baby
Play Cool To Be A Punk
Play Living On Planet 9
Play Puttin` Out The Flame
Play Paint It Black
Play Ice Cold Baby

Royal Crown Revue
Play Deadly Nightcall 
Play Port-Au-Prince (Travels With Betty Page) 
Play Salt Peanuts 
Play The Contender 
Play Zip Gun Bop (Reloaded) 
Play Morning Light 

Link Wray
Play Rumble
Play Ramble
Play Jack The Ripper
Play Run Chicken Run
Play The Shadow Knows 
Play Ace Of Spades
Play Batman Theme
Play Switchblade

Cry-Baby - Soundtrack
Play King Cry Baby - James Intveld
Play Sh-Boom - Baldwin/Whiffles
Play Doin' Time For Bein' Young - James Intveld
Play Teenage Prayer - Rachel Sweet
Play Please Mr. Jailer - Rachel Sweet
Play Cry Baby - Honey Sisters
Play Teardrops Are Falling - James Intveld
Play Nosey Joe - Bullmoose Jackson
Play Mr. Sandman - Baldwin/Whiffles
Play High School Hellcats - James Intveld
Play Bad Boy - Jive Bombers
Play Flirt, The - Shirley And Lee
Play I'm So Young - The Students
Play Piddly Patter Patter - Nappy Brown
Play I'm A Bad Bad Girl - Little Esther
Play Jungle Drums - Earl Bostic
Play Cherry - Jive Bombers
Play Rubber Biscuit - The Chips

Big Surf - Var.
Play Pipeline - The Lively Ones
Play Church Key - Dave Myers & The Surftones
Play Bullwinkle Part 2 - The Centurions
Play Steel Pier - The Lively Ones
Play Surf Rider - The Lively Ones
Play Exotic - The Sentinals
Play Sano - The Centurions
Play Scratch - The Lively Ones
Play Impact - The Impacts
Play The Pipe - The Sentinals
Play Misirlou - The Lively Ones
Play Latin`ia - The Sentinals
Play Blue Surf - The Impacts
Play Surfin` At Mazatland - The Centurions
Play Surf Beat - The Lively Ones
Play Body Surfin` - The Centurions
Play Wipe Out - The Impacts
Play Nigh Tide - The Lively Ones
Play Latin Soul - The Sentinals
Play Church Key - The Centurions
Play Moment Of Truth - Dave Myers & The Surftones
Play Tor Chula - The Sentinals
Play Vesuvius - The Centurions
Play Baja - The Lively Ones
Play Fort Lauderdale - The Impacts
Play Torquay - The Lively Ones
Play Latin`ia - The Centurions
Play Soul Surfer - The Lively Ones
Play Church Key - The Impacts
Play Intoxica - The Centurions
Play Rik-A-Tik - The Lively Ones
Play Big Surf - The Sentinals

Мистер Твистер Wild Wheels - Novocherkassk bike club RebelBones Homepage - Сайкобилли тут как здесь!!!

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